Nepalese fans saddened after Argentina thanked even a state of India but didn’t address Nepal

On behalf of the current FIFA World Cup champions, Argentina Football Team’s official Twitter handle retweeted a video. It is gaining international attention.

The handle thanked Kerela, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan for all the support they showed throughout the World Cup.

“Thank you Bangladesh 🤩 Thank you Kerala, India, Pakistan. Your support was wonderful!,” read the tweet.


However, while thanking even one state of India, Nepal was not addressed in the tweet while in Nepal, there was huge support for Argentina and Lionel Messi. More than an estimated 75 percent supported Argentina in the World Cup. Nepalese fans are saddened and gone angry after seeing the tweet.

Nepali fans are showing their dissatisfaction over Argentina saying, though the majority of Nepal’s population loves and supports Argentina, many Nepalis sacrificed their lives to build the stadium where it lifted the trophy, but it forgot to address Nepal. 





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