Nepal’s Passangtemba and Pakistani climber Naila became the first climbers of Mount Everest this year

Two more climbers have reached the summit of Everest. Nepalese and Pakistani climbers reached the summit of Mount Everest at 8:02 am on Sunday morning. Pakistan’s Naila Kaini, the first international mountaineer, successfully climbed Mount Everest in 2023.

Similarly, Nepalese mountaineer Passangtemba Sherpa has climbed Mt. Everest. Both the climbers went on the climb from Imagine Nepal Treks and Expedition Company. Davagyalje Sherpa, executive director of the company, said that the first ascent of Mount Everest this year was by a female international mountaineer.

According to him, some climbers have reached the Hillary Step of Mount Everest, while many climbers are in South Col and its surroundings. Executive Director Sherpa informed that many climbers would reach the peak of Everest by this evening.

The climbing of Mt. Everest in this season of spring started from Saturday. The climbing door was opened after the skilled worker (ice fall doctor) fixed the rope up to the peak of Everest. After the rope fixing, the first formal ascent began, according to Imagine Nepal Trek and Expedition Company, which was entrusted with the task of building the road above the second camp of Everest.

Currently, hundreds of climbers are waiting for climbing around the base camp and the second camp of Everest. According to the Tourism Department, 467 people from 44 climbing groups have taken permission to climb Mount Everest in the spring season.


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