No alternative to accepting SC’s verdict: Convict Chaudhary

Patron of Nagarik Unmukti Party and convict of Tikapur carnage, Resham Chaudhary, has said he had no option but to accept the verdict issued by the Supreme Court on his case.

Releasing a statement on Wednesday, Chaudhary, who is currently in Dillibazar jail, viewed SC’s verdict on delivering him life imprisonment could not be rejected though it was not judicial.

“Respected SC’s verdict delivered on May 16 should be abided by all. All should respect the court. I’m spending prison time in Dillibazar-based jail with patience and tolerance. I’m not unfazed at all,” he said in the statement, urging all to not post anything misleading and confusing on the court verdict on the Tikapur incident.

Chaudhary also informed that he would come up with a book ‘Dharatal’ soon.

Meanwhile, the Unmukti Party has demanded the government to make public the report submitted by the Lal Commission. Organizing a press conference in Kathmandu on Wednesday, the party demanded the release of the report prepared by the Commission headed by former SC Justice Girish Chandra Lal. If the report is not released, the party would be forced to launch a series of protest programmes, according to party’s senior vice chairperson Damodar Pandit.

Pandit added that the SC decision is acceptable. But it was not a legal case. It was a political one, he argued. He requested the top political leadership to regard the Tikapur incident as other political incidents and find a solution accordingly.

There was huge Madhes movement and Tharuhat agitation following the promulgation of constitution of Nepal, 2072. A commission led by former SC justice Lal was formed to study the suppression of movement and agitation but its report is not disclosed yet.


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