Oli Expresses Dissatisfaction with Viral Social Media Trolls of His Gold-Adorned Image

The Chairman of CPN (UML) and former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has expressed his dissatisfaction with the trolling of his photo on social media, where it appears as though he is covered in gold.

He stated that even individual who is not inclined towards wearing jewelry have become victim of online trolling, as their pictures are being circulated and mocked, showing them adorned with excessive gold.

Welcoming the artists who entered the party at the central office in Chayasal on Wednesday, Chairman Oli mentioned that he had worn a ring given to him by a friend for a while, and also only at a time when his mother passed away. However, he clarified that besides that period, he did not wear a gold ring.

“In KP Oli’s photo, there seems to be an excessive amount of gold, more than one can possibly hold. Personally, I have never worn a gold ring in my life. When I was young, my mother passed away, and I came across a ring that she had worn. I wore it for about three to four days,” Oli explained. “The ring was originally worn on her little finger, but since men’s fingers are generally larger, I wore it on my middle finger. It fit me when I was younger, so I wore it for a few days as a way to honor my mother. However, wearing that ring troubled me quite a bit.”

Chairman Oli expressed his objection to the trolling of his photo covered in gold on social media, denying the authenticity of such claims.

Furthermore, Chairman Oli expressed sadness over the country engaging in activities that misuse the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its people.

Highlighting the current state of Nepali society, where faith seems to be diminishing, he urged the artists to raise awareness and protect the values they hold dear.

Chairman Oli also stated that the artists who joined the party would actively contribute to the nation-building campaign. He emphasized that the UML party has been conducting a campaign for the prosperity of the country and intends to involve everyone in it.


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