Paudel appointed chief attorney of Lumbini Province

Khum Kanta Paudel has been appointed chief attorney of the Lumbini provincial government. Chief Minister of the Province Lila Giri appointed him to the position.

Newly appointed Paudel is scheduled to take an oath of office and secretary today itself, said the Secretariat of the Office of Chief Minister of the Province.

According to the provision, chief attorney of a province will take an oath of office and secrecy before chief judge of the High Court in the presence of Chief of the respective province.

Priorly, Paudel served as a member of the Law Commission of the provincial government, and a member of the law taskforce. Paudel, who has earned a Master’s degree in the International Human Rights Law and Sociology, has engaged as a legal practitioner since 23 years. He also taught Sociology at the Butwal Multiple Campus affiliated with the Tribhuvan University.


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