People’s condition remains same even after change in political system: CM Jamkattel

Bagmati province government Chief Minister Shalikram Jamkattel has said that human rights would be respected if everyone fulfilled their duties and responsibilities.

Addressing a programme organised on the occasion of the 23rd founding day of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Hetauda today, he said the province government has been working on human rights remaining within its jurisdiction.

The Chief Minister expressed his dismay, saying although the political system has changed in the country, peoples’ condition remains unchanged.

“The government and government bodies should be alert whether the inalienable rights of the people are violated. They should carry out works thoughtfully lest the citizen’s rights get violated. The way of working should change now,” he said, calling upon all to be human rights-friendly and protect the human rights.

Chief Minister Jamkattel shared that there were some policy-level problems to carry out works in an inclusive manner given the diverse geography, ethnicity, languages, religions and culture in the province.

NHRC’s provincial office Chief Yagya Prasad Adhikari, province government chief secretary Mukunda Prasad Niraula, District Coordination Committee chief, Lalit Bahadur Ghalan and Makwanpur Chief District Officer Rajendra Dev Pandey, among the speakers, underscored the importance of protecting and promoting human rights and the pivotal role NHRC can play in this.


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