PM Dahal highlights teachers’ role for political awareness

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the teacher’s role is vital in increasing political awareness in the country and making people politically conscious.

While inaugurating the Sixth National General Convention of the Unified All Nepal Teachers Association here today, the Prime Minister praised teachers for their contribution to promoting public awareness and bringing political change in villages and at the community level.

Stating that the education sector and the teaching profession are yet to be well systematized, the Prime Minister said various persons who are in the country’s political leadership had a teaching background.

As he said, the government is preparing to present the Federal Education Bill in parliament soon.

Underlining the need of focusing on socio-economic and other development endeavors, he said the Cabinet meeting recently decided to recognize those sacrificing lives to the Peoples’ war, the people’s movement, and the Madhesh movement as national martyrs.

He took time to stress the need for collective efforts to withstand ill attempts to disprove the federal democratic republic and its norms and values. As the Prime Minister said, important bills such as the Truth and Reconciliation Bill had been already presented in the Federal Parliament and the Maoist forces should get united by reviewing past experiences to protect major political accomplishments so far.

According to the Prime Minister, teachers’ responsibility is vital for creating a base for socialism as their role is highly required to build public opinion. He urged teachers to take initiations for setting the ground for scientific socialism.

PM Dahal said, “We were able to write ‘socialism-oriented economy’ in the Constitution, the fundamental rights were increased and rights of the women, Dalits, indigenous nationalities, ethnic communities, Muslim and Tharu were guaranteed following many efforts for the same.” He stressed the need of building public opinion guided by a right ideology to further strengthen such rights.

CPN (Maoist Centre) leaders Giriraj Mani Pokhrel and Narayan Dahal highlighted the role of teachers in bringing change and political awareness at the community level.

Association President Shanker Adhikari urged teachers to play a role to defeat moves to dismiss the political achievements.


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