Bhutanese Refugee Case

Police submits investigation report to government attorneys

Today is the 57th day since the police launched an investigation into the scam. The law stipulates that those investigated ones should be sued within 60 days of the beginning of the investigation.

The district police in Kathmandu submitted their comprehensive report on the Fake Bhutanese Refugee case to the district attorney’s office on Monday, following an extensive two-month-long investigation. Chief Public Prosecutor Achyut Mani Neupane confirmed that the report was presented by the District Police Range, Kathmandu, during Monday afternoon.

“We have received the report from the police after their thorough investigation,” stated Neupane.

SSP Dan Bahadur Karki, the head of Kathmandu Police, also affirmed that the report had been dispatched for submission.

“We have submitted the report and provided the public prosecutor with our assessment. However, we cannot divulge specific details regarding the report’s contents,” Karki explained.

According to the police report, they are seeking a substantial sum of 270 million rupees in relation to this case. Initially, the police had determined an amount of around 260 million rupees. However, following additional complaints against Angtawa Sherpa, the accused, the total amount has been revised.

Furthermore, the police have made 16 arrests thus far in connection with the case, while over 12 individuals remain at large, currently evading law enforcement.


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