Private sector role important in expansion of alternative energy: Minister Basnet

Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Shakti Bahadur Basnet asserted that the private sector had an important role in expanding access of alternative energy through the renewable energy technology in the villages not in access of national transmission grid.

In a meeting with the team led by Gunaraj Dhakal, President of Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal, here today, Minister Basnet articulated government’s willingness to collaborate with the private sector to develop and promote renewable energy technology.

Basnet expressed his happiness over the Confederation inking an agreement with the Solar Energy Development Corporation in India for exchange of experience and cooperation thereby benefiting the both parties.

Similarly, the visiting team of Confederation urged the government to prioritize renewable energy technology for small and medium scale enterprises as well as agriculture sector.

They drew the attention of the Minister towards the development and utilization of renewable energy technology by mobilizing skills and capital available in the country to uplift the rural livelihoods socially and economically.

Furthermore, the team also highlighted the need for the federal government to formulate programme that were friendly to private sector and highly beneficial to the consumers.

They also appealed with the Minister to prioritize the concept of mixed energy.


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