Qatar World Cup best in 21st century: BBC poll

Football fans around the globe have favoured FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 as the greatest tournament in the 21st century.

BBC News on December 24, 2022 launched a poll to allow football fans to vote on which edition of the FIFA World Cup they believe deserved the ‘Best World Cup of the Century’ title.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 was voted the ‘best World Cup this century’ with a whopping 78% votes.

Far behind Qatar line was the 2002 World Cup (Japan/South Korea) with just 6% votes, followed by 2014 (Brazil) with 5%, 2006 (Germany) and 2018 (Russia) tied at 4%, and finally the 2010 (South Africa) World Cup, with 3%.

From the surprises, shocks, and upsets in the group stages to the excitement of the knockout rounds, and arguably the best final ever, the Qatar 2022 World Cup moved the world in many ways.


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