Rebel candidates withdrawing their candidacy to be forgiven: CPN (Maoist Centre)

CPN (Maoist Centre) has decided not to take action against rebel candidates contesting the upcoming election against the party and coalition’s official candidates if they renounce their candidacy till today evening.

According to the chief secretary of the CPN (Maoist Centre)’s central office, Shree Ram Dhakal, if the rebel candidates would deactivate their candidacy for the upcoming House of Representatives and Province Assembly election and publish a statement publicly as of today evening, there would be no action against them and, against those who proposed and seconded their candidacy.

The House of Representatives and Province Assembly elections are slated for November 20 this year.

Furthermore, the rebel candidates withdrawing their candidacy officially should pledge to actively work to ensure victory for the official candidates representing CPN (Maoist Centre) and other coalition partners, said the chief secretary of the party Dhakal.

Earlier, the CPN (Maoist Centre) had warned to relieve the rebel candidates, their proposers, and supporters of their responsibilities and to expel them from the party if they would not renounce their candidacy.


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