Rescue and relief efforts vital part of foreign sector: Minister Paudyal

Foreign Minister Bimala Rai Paudyal has said works to revise the country’s foreign policy have reached the final phase.

Demanding time in a meeting of the National Assembly today, the Minister said the Policy Research Institute was working on the project and the revised version would be unveiled within a month.

According to the Minister, there was the realization on the part of the Ministry that the foreign policy should be revised as per the demand of time and all political parties should have its ownership. “The Institute is busy reviewing the policy to make such things happen.”

She was of the view that protection of sovereignty and promotion of nationality should be the concerns of the nation’s foreign policy and it should be clear and sustainable. As she said, undertaking relief and rescue efforts are vital complements of the foreign sector, but our existing foreign policy is silent about it.

The Foreign Affairs Minister echoed the need of clearly addressing the issues of migration and its impacts. “The revised draft of foreign policy should recognize the track II diplomacy and public diplomacy, ensuring the roles of security bodies. She said effective service delivery was her top priority since assuming office.


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