Residents demand opening of Tinkar Border connected to China

The residents of Byans, Darchula have demanded the opening of Tinkar border saying that the trade with China has been stopped. Since 2020, the Tinkar border crossing with Darchula has been closed due to the Coronavirus.

Byans rural municipality has demanded to open the border saying that there is a loss in trade with China due to the closure of the border. Traders who have been doing business in Taklakot, China, have not been able to do business in this area for three years.

As more than three dozen traders are in trouble, the rural municipality, through the chief district officer of Darchula, Dirgha Raj Upadhyay has requested the government to open the border crossing.

Rural municipality chairman Mangal Singh Dhami said that Chhangru and Tinkar, which have been doing traditional trade with China, are facing problems due to non-opening of local border crossings. He said, ‘The main occupation of the locals here is trade with China. Most of them have shops in Taklakot. However, the shop has been closed for three years.

Even though Nepal’s Hilsa, Rasuwagadhi and other border crossings, which are connected to China, have been opened, the Tinkar crossing has not been opened.


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