Round Table Nepal organized Honor Ceremony

Round Table Nepal on Friday organized an honor ceremony in the federal capital, Kathmandu. It has honored the respected personalities who achieved distinct status in Round Table International.

Among those who were honored were Safal Jayant Agrawal, who became the president of Round Table International for the first time on behalf of the Nepali citizens, Saurabh Kedia, Asia Pacific President of Round Table International, Bimal Siddharth Bed, Content Creator and Board Assistant of Round Table International.

Rahul Agrawal, President of Round Table Nepal, honored them with a token of love.

Former MP Bimal Kedia, Chairman of NAFTA Vinod Sethia, Chairman of Federation of Industries and Commerce Shekhar Golcha, Former Chairman of Federation of Industries and Commerce Pashupati Murarka, District Governor of Rotary Club Jitendra Rajbhandari, Chairman of Lines Club Council Keshav Pandey, Dhananjay Regmi of Nepal Tourism Board, Manoj Das, President of 41 Club of Nepal, Mansi Agarwal, President of Ladies Circle Nepal, Maheshwar Swar, Chief Executive Officer of Kantipur gave a felicitation speech to the honored personalities. More than 150 people were present at the ceremony.

The program was organized under the chairmanship of Rahul Agrawal, President of Round Table Nepal.

There are 30 thousand members in 65 countries of the world under Round Table International. Round Table Nepal was established in Nepal in 1989 under the leadership of Mr. Chandra Kumar Golchha.

Under this, 33 tables have been formed in 12 cities of the country so far. Round Table Nepal has been running a long-term project called " Freedom through Education" Round Table Nepal has adopted more than 50 schools. More than 380 classrooms have been built in those schools and many students have been provided scholarships. The table has also created an opportunity to study for 20,000 students across the country.


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