Sales of Nano Urea fertilizer started in Nepal

The sale of nano urea fertilizer has started in Nepal. CG Agro under Chaudhary Group has started selling Nano Urea Fertilizer in Nepal.

During an event on Sunday, former Union Railway Minister of India Suresh Prabhu and Managing Director of Chaudhary Group Nirwan Chaudhary jointly announced the start of sales and distribution of Nano Urea Fertilizer in Nepal.

The fertilizer produced by Indian Farmer Fertilizer Co-operative Limited India has been named ‘CG-IFFCO’. It is said that liquid fertilizer can be sprinkled on cereals, pulses, vegetables, tea, sugarcane, fruits, medicines as well as all types of crops and plants. Speaking at the event, Chaudhary Group Managing Director Nirwan Chaudhary said that nano urea fertilizer has been introduced in Nepal to meet the shortage of urea fertilizer in Nepal.

Similarly, it is said that nano urea is micro liquid fertilizer based on nanotechnology and it will provide nitrogen, a nutrient required for plant growth. It has been reported that nano urea fertilizer can be sprayed from the leaves.

According to the company, 2 to 4 milliliters of nano urea bag fertilizer can be mixed with 1 liter of clean water and sprinkled on the leaves of the crop. It is said that it should be sprayed twice after 30 to 35 days of planting and one week before flowering.


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