Sasha Walpole: The woman who took Prince Harry’s virginity’

Prince Harry, a British prince has currently become the matter of discussion around the globe because of his autobiography ‘Spare’. In the book Prince has revealed a lot about the British palace and about his personal matters, so he and his autobiography is being a hot topic .

At a time when the new stories in ‘Spare’ were being talked about, now the issue of Prince Harry losing his virginity has come out. In addition, the woman with whom Harry had sex for the first time has also confirmed this fact.

Sasha Walpole was the woman who took Harry’s virginity.

Recently, in a conversation with international media ‘The Sun’, Sasha has also admitted that she was the one who first slept with Prince Harry.

Sasha said, she had a sex with Harry at her birthday party. While everyone was busy partying inside, they came outside to the grassy area in the open. The relationship between them lasted for five minutes and Sasha said that she even remembers Harry’s underwear.

She says she invited Harry to the Vine Tree pub to celebrate her 19th birthday — during which, she claims he invited her out back to have a smoke … she says they then got it on in the adjacent field just like he described in his memoir, ‘Spare.’


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