Screening at Jamuna transit expedited

Screening and testing of people arriving at Jamunaha checkpoint in Nepalgunj has been expedited, considering the increasing risk of spread of a new variant of Coronavirus reported in neighboring countries.

After the confirmation of corona virus infection in a woman coming to Nepal from India vigilance has been strengthened along with screening and testing at the checkpoint in Nepalgunj, said Nepalgunj sub-metropolitan health division coordinator Ram Bahadur Chand.

Screening at this checkpoint had been stopped from mid-September, after the number of infections went down drastically.

Chand said that after the corona virus infection started increasing in the neighboring countries including India and China, the border checkpoint has been tightened.

The Nepalgunj sub-metropolis has now imposed a mandatory corona virus testing of those returning from India to Nepal at Nepalgunj border crossing.

A 30-year-old woman from Jajarkot, who was returning to Nepal from Shimla, India, tested positive for corona virus on Friday, according to Chiranjeevi Gyawali, a lab technician at the Jamuna Health Desk.

Corona virus infection was confirmed in a woman during the tests carried out of 55 people coming from India.

Tests for Corona Virus started at Jamunah border transit point in Nepalgunj from Thursday.


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