SC’s directive order to review Tripartite Agreement on Gurkha Recruitment

The Supreme Court has decided to issue an injunction in the name of the government to review the tripartite treaty between Nepal, Britain and India regarding Gorkha recruitment.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday gave its verdict on the writ petition registered on June 9, 2017 by two people, including the Chief of British Gurkhas Ex-Servicemen’s Association, Padam Sundar Limbu.

The joint bench of supreme Court Justice Dr. Ananda Mohan Bhattarai and Sushmalata Mathema, issued a directive order dismissing the writ.

According to BGAESO’s legal adviser and advocate Phanindra Karki, saying that the tripartite treaty in 1947 is against the interests and national independence of Nepalese, it is unequal and discriminatory, the demand for annulment was made in a writ.

“The treaty made during the rule of the king in Nepal could not be timely and in the equal interest of all with the change of government. According to the treaty, many Nepali youths were discriminated against when they were recruited,” said Advocate Karki, “There is discrimination in salary and service facilities. A writ was registered with the demand for cancellation of the discriminatory treaty.

Karki said that although the Supreme Court did not order the annulment of the treaty, partial progress has been made in issuing a directive order in the name of the government for review.


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