Six including Prithvi Bahadur Shah sent to custody for fraud

Out of seven people including Prithvi Bahadur Shah and his brother Bijay Bikram Shah arrested in a fraud case, six have been sent to custody for further investigation. They were arrested based on the complaint filed by an American citizen.

According to the Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police, Kathmandu District Court on Monday ordered them to be sent to custody.
Superintendent of Police at CIB, Sanjay Singh Thapa, told RSS that of the arrested ones, Binita Tamang, has been released on Rs 50,000 bail.  The CIB had carried out an investigation into the case.

As per the investigation report of CIB, the District Public Prosecutor’s Office had filed the case at the Court. A group of Prithvi Bahadur had established 24 companies using fake documents and cheated more than Rs 640 million from foreign nationals through mail, social network and bank account.

Majority of the cheated people are US citizens. The group had targeted the senior citizens of America as well as patients suffering from diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.  Of the 56 people who were conned by Prithvi Bahadur and his group, 24 have filed complaints so far.

Out of 20 accused of the fraud case, 13 are still absconding and search for them is underway, said Thapa.


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