Six Years On, Shreemahal Palace from Rana Era Yet to See Reconstruction

Shreemahal, a palace dating back to the Rana period, located at Pulchowk of Lalitpur, is in a state of neglect. The Shreemahal which was damaged by the Gorkha earthquake 2015 has not been reconstructed yet.

The palace constructed in 1927 is in a dilapidated condition. It is derelict with broken windows and doors. The walls of the building have developed cracks. Shreemahal has now turned into a desolate building. Plants and grass have grown all over the premises and have started to cover the Shreemahal.

Ministry of Local Development and the Department of the Local Infrastructure Development and Agriculture Roads were operated from Shreemahal before the Gorkha earthquake. Rana Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher JB Rana had constructed the palace for his sons.

The then National Reconstruction Authority had called for bids in 2075 for the reconstruction of Shreemahal, but the Authority later withdrew showing technical error. The Department of Local Infrastructures, which took the responsibility for the reconstruction of Shreemahal itself, could not start the reconstruction works and the responsibility has now been given to Department of Urban Development and Building Construction.

Under-Secretary at the Department of Local Infrastructures, Prem Prasad Luintel, said the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction has taken the responsibility for the reconstruction of Shreemahal from the current fiscal year.

An agreement has been made to reconstruct the Shreemahal in its previous structure. There are different government offices including Indigenous Nationalities Commission, Irrigation and Water Resources Management Project operating from the premises of Shreemahal.


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