Speaker urges party leaders to promptly pick up presidents of parliamentary committees

Speaker of the House of Representatives Devraj Ghimire has drawn the attention of the leaders of the political parties over the parliamentary business not picking up momentum for failure to nominate the residents of the parliamentary committees.

Speaking in the meeting of the Business Advisory Committee today, he said, “Parliament’s works have not picked up speed as the leadership of the parliamentary committees is yet to be chosen. The senior-most (by age) member of the committee has been presiding over the committees. The meetings of the sub-committees are also being chaired by the senior-most member.”

According to the Speaker, the deliberations on bills have not moved ahead in a speedy manner as the president of the various parliamentary committees have not been nominated.

“Get the parliamentary committee president picked up within seven days from today as per the consensus or elect the parliamentary committees’ leaders through the election process after seven days,” Speaker Ghimire said.

The way has been paved for formation of two joint committees with the endorsement on May 28 of the Federal Parliament Joint Meeting and Joint Committee (Business Operation) Regulations, 2080 BS.
Although the members of the Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee have been appointed, the process to pick up its president has not yet started.


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