Tension ran high in Biratnagar, 24 injured in clash between police and protestors

Tension ran high in the Koshi provincial capital Biratnagar on Tuesday for several hours due to a clash between the police and demonstrators.

At least 24 people have been injured including 15 police personnel following a clash during a demonstration organised against the naming of the Koshi Province in Biratnagar.

As the police tried to disperse the mob heading towards the Office of the Chief Minister, by using batons and tear gas shells, the protesters attacked the police with stones, resulting in a clash.

Since the Provincial Assembly named the province Koshi, pro-identity groups have been staging different types of protests across the province.

Following the incident, a large number of Nepal Police and Armed Police Force personnel have been deployed in the area.

The provincial government on March 1 had named the province as Koshi.

After a man, Padam Limbu Lajehang protesting against the new name of the province died during treatment in Dharan, the protests have even intensified.


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