Third Phase of Jaynagar-Bardibas Railway Construction Set to Commence, with India’s Assistance

The third phase of the Jaynagar-Bardibas railway construction project, aided by the Indian government, is gearing up to begin, bringing Nepal one step closer to an improved and efficient transportation network.

Niranjan Jha, the General Manager of the Nepal Railway Company Ltd., recently announced that preparations are in full swing to open the railway track from Bhangaha in Mahottari to Bardibas. This development marks a significant milestone in the ongoing railway expansion project that aims to enhance connectivity and trade relations between Nepal and India.

The Department of Railways issued a notice urging landowners in the area to harvest their paddy crops by December 1, as this is when the track will be opened for construction. The distribution of compensation for land acquired along the Bhangaha to Bardibas railway sub-section is reportedly in its final stages. The Department emphasized that it will not provide compensation for crops planted beyond December 1, underlining the importance of adhering to the deadline.

The Jaynagar-Bardibas railway project is seen as a pivotal development for both Nepal and India, fostering stronger economic ties and easing the movement of goods and people between the two nations. As the project advances into its third phase, anticipation grows for the positive impact it will have on regional connectivity and trade opportunities.


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