Toran Lha festival begins

The three-day Toran Lha festival, the major festival of the Thakali community in Myagdi and Mustang district is being celebrated with enthusiasm. The festival is observed for three days on the occasion of the Phagu Purnima, the festival of colors, and begins a day before the Phagu.

The Thakali people categorized as one of the minority groups in Nepal, are counted as around 10,000 across the country.

The festival is also the means of family among the Thakali people as those members outside home or the country arrive home to celebrate the festival.  The Thakali people have decorated their homes and they remember their ancestors and paid homage to them with established rituals during the festival, according to Gandaki Province Assembly member Bimala Gauchan who is the leader of Thakali community.
People are invited to their relative’s homes and offered delicacies.   Taro hanne, a traditional form of archery, is one the major attractions of the festival.

Kowang in the Thasang rural municipality is considered as the place of origin of the Thakali community.  Likewise, the Thakalis reside in Dana, Bhurung Tatopani, Beni and Darwang of Myagdi.

The Thakali Service Committee, Beni which is working to present the cultural and historic essence of the festival has organised a ‘Taro hanne’ event. The Thakali take bow and arrow as an indispensable part and a pride of their ethnic identity.

The Thakali women clad in their traditional attires perform dance and music and exchange greetings as part of the festival celebration.

Committee chair Jagnarayan Gauchan said the rules of archery and its codes resemble the Thakali language and the Thakali community connects it with their ethnic identity.


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