Two-way trade resumed through Kerung/Rasuwagadhi border crossing soon after Prachanda-led government formed

The two-way trade between Nepal and China has resumed through the Kerung/Rasuwagadhi border point from Wednesday.

The export of goods to China through the Kerung/Rasuwagadhi border crossing, which was stalled due to the pandemic, has resumed .

The export of goods and the movement of people through Kerung/Rasuwagadhi crossing was closed from January 29, 2020. However, a limited import was allowed.

According to The Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, as the two-way trade reopened , Six cargo trucks loaded with Nepali goods passed through the border point into China amidst a ceremony today. It has also mentioned that China is waiting for Nepal to export more goods.

Kerung/Rasuwagadhi is the oldest trading border between Nepal and China. Ready-made clothes, apples, shoes, bags, motor batteries, plastic goods, among others are imported from China through the border. Similarly, pashmina, carpets, bamboo stools, broom grass, refined flour, vegetable ghee, noodles, pasta, biscuits, juice, jam, beaten rice, lapsi candy, chocolate, sugar and chewing gum among others are exported to China.

The Tatopani border point between the two countries, however, is still closed for two-way trade.


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