UML Obstructs Parliament’s Proceedings, Meeting Postponed for 20 Minutes

CPN-UML MPs have encircled the bell, leading to the adjournment of the House of Representatives meeting for a duration of 20 minutes.

The protest took place during the Friday session of the House of Representatives, where the UML MPs surrounded the bell and voiced slogans of dissent against the government.

The triggering event occurred when Lekhnath Dahal, an MP from the ruling Maoist Center, accused UML Chair KP Oli of engaging in corrupt practices by displaying a brass jalahari at Pashupatinath. In response, the UML MPs took a firm stance to prevent the functioning of the parliament until the government provided satisfactory explanations to address the allegations made against their party leader.

Meanwhile, Subas Nemwang, the deputy leader of the UML parliamentary party, affirmed that they would persist in obstructing the parliament’s proceedings until the accusations leveled against the leader of the primary opposition party were verified and proven.


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