Under-Secretary Sharma picked as board member of Adaptation Fund

Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Forests and Environment, Naresh Sharma, has been elected the Board Member of the Adaptation Fund under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

He has been selected as the board member of the Fund from the Least Developed Countries’ Group (LDC’s Group) on the recommendation of the Ministry.

There are 20 office-bearers in the Fund including from various other groups. Under-Secretary Sharma has been selected for a term of two years (2023 and 2024).

Various individuals from different countries had applied for the post.

Although Sharma is selected as the board member on behalf the LDC’s Group, it is believed that his selection would contribute to Nepal’s access to the Fund’s policy formulation and support.

Nepal is working as a member of the UNFCCC to which it is a party.

There are various agencies under the UNFCCC, and the Fund is one of its key units.

The Fund supports the poor and vulnerable people affected by the climate change in their adaptation activities.


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