Upendra Yadav calls for constitutional amendment

The Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) Chairman Upendra Yadav has called attention to significant flaws in Nepal’s existing constitutional provisions governing government formation and the electoral system. This has prompted him to advocate for much-needed amendments.

Speaking at Biratnagar Airport on Monday, Yadav stressed the urgency of a thorough review and amendment of the Constitution to address these issues. One of his primary concerns is the complex five-stage process outlined in the current constitution for government formation, which he believes requires correction. He stated, “The structural framework of the parliamentary system, as outlined in the constitution, warrants reconsideration.”

In addition to government formation, Yadav also pointed out flaws in the election system, emphasizing the importance of amending the constitution to reform both the government’s structure and the election process.

Yadav’s call for constitutional amendments comes at a crucial time in Nepal’s political discourse, particularly following the turmoil in Koshi province. This unrest stemmed from the failure of majority vote-holding parties to secure a vote of confidence from the provincial assembly, highlighting the pressing need for reforms in the country’s governance and electoral mechanisms.


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