Voting for the presidential election has begun

Voting for the election of the new president has begun. Voting has started in separate polling stations for federal parliamentarians and state assembly members established in the Lhotse chamber of the parliament building in Naya Baneshwar.

Presidential candidate Ramchandra Paudel for the federal parliament and Prakash Shrestha, a member of the Bagmati state assembly, cast their first vote. Voters have reached the polling station.

Assistant Election Officer Amrita Kumari Sharma informed that the voting started at 10 am and will continue till 3 pm. Ramchandra Paudel of Nepali Congress and Subashchandra Nemwang of CPN (UML) are competing for the third president.

Paudel of Congress is a joint candidate of CPN (Maoist Center), CPN (Unified Socialist), Janata Samajwadi Party Nepal, Democratic Samajwadi Party Nepal, Janmaat Party, Civil Liberation Party, Rashtriya Janamorcha and Nepal Samajwadi Party along with Congress.

It is mentioned in the constitution that there will be a president in Nepal and the president will promote the national unity of Nepal. The main duty of the President will be to uphold and protect the Constitution.

As a result of the 2062-63 movement, the practice of the presidential system began with the establishment of the republic in the country. In the presidential election, the members of the Federal Parliament (House of Representatives and the National Assembly) and the Provincial Assembly are voters.

In the presidential election, a total of 882 voters remain for the federal parliament, 332 and 550 state assembly members. The vote weight of the federal MP is 79 and the vote weight of the state assembly member is 48.

The constitution mentions that the term of office of the president is five years from the date of election and a person who has been elected president twice cannot run for election again.


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