Weather improves in western Nepal

Weather in the western region has improved with the cessation of rainfall taking place there for around a week.

According to Meteorological Forecasting Division, western Nepal reports sunshine till this morning.

However, there is a possibility of brief rain in the afternoon and evening as the monsoon system continues to exist, according to meteorologist Barun Poudel. The chances of heavy rains capable of triggering flood and causing inundation are unlikely in the Tarai.

However, the risk of landslide continues in hilly districts of the western region as the soil there has loosened by the rains, meteorologists warn.

Tonight, light to moderate rain with thunder and lightning is likely to occur at a few places in Province 1, Madhes Province, Bagmati Province, and Gandaki Province, and at one or two places in the rest of the provinces. The Division forecasts brief rain in the afternoon and evening till Friday.

The weather will be mainly fair across the country including in the western part from coming Saturday. This time heavy rain in the later phase of the monsoon has implications in western Nepal. Though the monsoon is expected to remain till October 2, heavy rains hit the western parts after that this year. (RSS)

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