Woman killed in rhino attack

 A woman died from rhino attack at Shuklaphanta National Park this morning.

The deceased has been identified as Belmati Budha, 42, of Beldandi-2 of Beldandi rural municipality, according to Assistant Conservation Officer at Shuklaphanta National Park, Manoj Airee.

The rhino attacked Belmati at a time when she with her two friends had entered the Park to collect mushroom at around 8:00 am. She died on the spot in the incident. A team of Shuklaphanta National Park has now reached the incident site, added Airee.

However, Belmati’s two friends managed to save their life by climbing tree. A patrolling team of Nepali Army had found Belmati’s body and rescued the women. The women said two rhinos had attacked Belmati.


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