Women’s Day highlighting climate change concerns and impacts on women

A programme has been organized in the village located at the highest altitude, showing concern over the climate change impact on women.

At the programme organized jointly by the social organization, Sathsathai, and Khumbupasang Lhamu Rural Municipality at Khumjung on Wednesday, Deputy Speaker Indira Ranamagar viewed women are hit hard by the climate change impacts.

She recalled that she witnessed the problems the women faced while she was trekking in the Khumbu region. It was all caused by climate change, Rana Magar asserted. “Eco-tourism, agriculture, and health are impacted much by climate change. Entire state mechanism should engage and take initiative to address this problem,” she said.

At the programme organized on the occasion of the 113th International Women’s Day today, former foreign minister and national assembly member Bimala Rai Poudyal said the suffering faced by the women of Khumbu region is the representative one in Nepal.

She informed that she would raise the voice in the Upper House on the need of adaptation programmes on health, agriculture, and tourism. “A policy can be drafted based on the experiences and learning of the women gained for decades in relation to climate change,” she underscored and vowed that she would certainly put forth her views on climate and ecology at policy level.

On the occasion, climate change expert Dr Madhav Karki however reminded that the Climate Change Policy had ensured women’s rights relating to climate change. The Himalayan region had seen the problems of water supply and mountaineering. Meaningful participation of women is imperative in the climate change adaptation programmes.

Chairperson of Sathsathai, Prajita Karki viewed Nepal should take the lead in the forthcoming COP-28 to be held in Dubai, UAE.

Other speakers on the occasion were Joint Secretary at Agriculture Ministry, Sabnam Shivakoti; Vice Chairperson of Khumbupasang Lhamu Rural Municipality, Tashi Lhamu Sherpa; activist Sharu Shrestha and Chairperson of Press Council Nepal, Bal Krishna Basnet.


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