20 laws relating to money laundering to be amended

The bill designed to amend some acts related to Prevention of Money Laundering and Promotion of Business Environment-2079 has been registered in the parliament.

The Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs on Friday registered the bill, said Spokesperson of the Federal Parliament Secretariat, Ekraj Giri. This is the first bill registered in the current parliament session.

A total of 20 laws related to money laundering are going to be amended. Acts including Export-Import (Control) Act-2013, Ship Registration Act-2027, Revenue Act-2034, Building Act-2035, Insolvency Act-2063, Securities Act-2063, Nepal Rastra Bank Act-2058, Human Trafficking and Transportation (Control) Act-2064 are being amended.

Similarly, Money Laundering (Prevention) Act-2064, Organised Crime Prevention Act-2070, Cooperative Act-2074, Foreign Investment and Technology Handover Act-2075 are among the Acts going to be amended.


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