24 Bills Await Discussion in Federal Parliament’s Winter Session

As the Federal Parliament prepares to convene its Winter Session on Monday, a total of 24 bills await discussion, reflecting a busy legislative agenda for the upcoming parliamentary term.

President Ramchandra Paudel, acting on the government’s recommendation, has summoned the House of Representatives for a session starting on February 5. With all necessary preparations completed, the Assistant Spokesperson of the Federal Parliament Secretariat, Dasharath Dhamala, confirmed that the session will address a diverse range of legislative matters.

Among the 24 bills in the docket, 15 are currently under discussion in the respective parliamentary committees, indicating a robust commitment to thorough examination and scrutiny.

Assistant Spokesperson Dhamala highlighted that the upcoming session will also feature pre-budget discussions, adding an essential layer to the parliamentary proceedings.

As the political landscape is set to unfold during this session, the composition of the House of Representatives stands as follows: 88 members from the Nepali Congress, 78 from the CPN (UML), 32 from the CPN (Maoist Center), 21 representing the Rastriya Swatantra Party, 14 from the Rastriya Prajatantra Party, and 12 from the Janata Samajwadi Party Nepal (JSP).

Additionally, the CPN (Unified Socialist) holds 10 seats, the Janamat Party has 6 members, and 4 each from the Loktantrik Samajbadi Party and Nagarik Unmukti party contribute to the diverse representation in the lower house. The House also includes one MP each from Nepal Majdoor Kissan Party, Rastriya Janamorcha, and Aam Janata Party. Furthermore, two independent MPs add to the overall constitutional assembly of 275 members, wherein 165 are elected through the electoral system based on geography and population, while 110 are elected through the proportional election system.

The Winter Session is anticipated to play a crucial role in shaping the legislative landscape of the nation, addressing pressing issues and setting the tone for the upcoming year.


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