458 Deported from Nepal in 2023, 209 Chinese

The Immigration Department of Nepal reported a significant increase in the deportation of foreign nationals in 2023, with a total of 458 individuals expelled for various offenses, including visa overstays, drug trafficking, and fraudulent activities. Among those deported, a notable surge was observed in the number of Chinese citizens facing expulsion.

According to immigration records, a staggering 209 Chinese nationals were deported, constituting 46 percent of the total expulsions. The majority of the deportations (190 individuals) were attributed to visa overstays, prompting concerns and investigations into the rising trend of Chinese citizens violating immigration regulations.

In comparison, authorities had deported 570 foreign nationals in 2022, with 191 of them being Chinese. This indicates a slight decrease in the overall number of deportations but a persistent trend concerning Chinese nationals violating visa regulations.

The offenses leading to deportations varied, with the majority (412 individuals) overstaying their visas. However, 10 foreigners were expelled for drug-related crimes, five for possession of fake passports, 10 for illegal transactions of foreign currency, and four for fraud charges. One individual faced deportation in connection to a kidnapping case, while six were expelled for involvement in organized crime, and one for polygamy.

In addition to the high number of Chinese nationals deported, other foreign nationalities also faced expulsion. In 2023, authorities deported 37 Americans, 19 Uzbekistanis, 19 Bangladeshis, 18 British, 11 Sri Lankans, 10 Swedish nationals, and 10 Pakistanis for various offenses.

The list of deportees also included individuals from Afghanistan, Germany, South Korea, Canada, France, Italy, Nigeria, Russia, Yemen, Australia, Iran, and Japan, among others. The offenses ranged from visa violations to involvement in criminal activities.

While the reasons for the surge in Chinese deportations remain under investigation, the Nepalese authorities are intensifying efforts to curb immigration violations and ensure the integrity of the country’s borders.


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