9410 cattle perish due to lump skin

The outbreak of lumpy skin disease in cattle has spread throughout the country. A total of 9,410 domesticated animal including cow, ox and buffaloes have died of the disease, which first appeared in Jhapa in February early this year. So far 355,698 cattle heads are reported to have been infected with disease spreading out to 73 of the 77 districts in the country, according to the Department of Animal Services under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Lumpy skin disease is a disease caused by the capripox virus under the genus Poxviridae leading to infection in animals. It may lead to death as well as reduction in milk and meat production, pregnancy loss, infertility, and skin quality reduction, Veterinarian at the Department Dr Mukul Upadhyaya.

The disease has appeared in high number, especially in cows, bulls and calves and is more common in cattle located on highways and auxiliary highways and cattle grazing in open fields. It is transmitted through direct and indirect contact with infected animals, semen, and also through the bites of mosquitoes, flies, worms and wasps. Fever, nodules on the skin failure are its symptoms with risk of deaths.

The highest number of casualties so far has been reported in Karnali Province where 4,775 animals perished, followed by 2,747 in Sudurpaschim, 1,132 in Koshi, 330 in Gandaki, 281 in Bagmati, 110 in Lumbini and 35 in Madhes Province.

According to the department, the rate of recovery of infected animals with medicine and consolidated food is 30 percent.
Meanwhile, the department has urged the cattle farmers to segregate the infection ones from the herd and give plenty of clean water, thin hay or soft grass to the infect while and keeping the cowshed clean.


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