A Million Jobs in IT Sector Over Decade: Minister Sharma

Minister for Communication and Information Rekha Sharma revealed the government’s ambitious plans to revolutionize Nepal’s information technology (IT) sector. Speaking at a programme, Minister Sharma stated that the ministry has set an ambitious target to provide direct employment to 500,000 individuals and indirect employment to 1 million over the next decade.

The government has decided to designate the upcoming year as the inaugural year of the “Decade of Information Technology,” with the goal of establishing IT as a central pillar of the national economy. “We have a plan to develop Nepal as an IT hub, aiming to export services worth Rs. 3 trillion within a decade,” the Minister announced.

To ensure the successful implementation of this vision, Minister Sharma shared that the ministry is in discussions to form a dedicated task force. This task force will address challenges and eliminate irregularities within the ICT sector. “The task force, to be established under the ministry, will devise an action plan with a schedule setting milestones for each year,” she added.

This initiative is expected to significantly boost the IT sector, fostering economic growth and positioning Nepal as a key player in the global IT market.


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