Ancient archeological properties found in Kavre

Ancient archeological goods and structures were found at Bhainsepati area while working for the construction of Suryabinayak-Dhulikhel road section.

It is said that antique brick walls, sources of water, antique wooden structures and stones were found at Banepa Bhaisepati area along the Araniko Highway while working on the road expansion drive.

The Department of Archeology (DoA) has also written to the District Administration Office, Kavrepalanchowk to stop destruction of archeological goods and structures while widening the Suryabinayak-Dhulikhel road.

The conservationists have expressed their concerns after unearthing of the ancient archeological properties on the roadside.

A team of officials led by Chief of Bhaktapur office of the Department, Yamuna Maharjan, made an inspection visit to the site and confirmed that the structures date back to ancient times.

According to Maharjan, the site was the trekking route in the past and it was named Phhalchahiti in the Newari language. She said that the route also had a source of water there.

Currently, the construction job is suspended there to conserve the ancient goods.

Likewise, the Department has also written to Banepa Municipality to halt the road widening drive.

Expansion of road from Suryabinayak in Bhaktapur to Dhulikhel in Kavrepalanchowk along the Araniko Highway had started last March and two separate contractors were awarded the construction bid.


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