Anthology of Maithili Poetry “Cry No More Sita” Translated into English Released in Kathmandu

An anthology of Maithili poetry titled “Cry No More Sita,” an English translation of the original Maithili poems titled “Naih Sita Nai,” was launched at a ceremony in Kathmandu on Thursday.

The original Maithili poems were authored by the renowned Maithili poetess and businesswoman, Bibha Vimarsh. Vimarsh took on the task of translating her poignant verses into the English language.

The translated anthology was unveiled on the occasion of translator Bibha Vimarsh’s 18th birthday, marking a significant milestone in her literary journey. The book was released collectively by several distinguished personalities present at the event.

Among those who graced the occasion were Prof. Dr. Ramawatar Yadav, Prof. Dr. Surendra Labh, Ramesh Ranjan, Sweta Dipti, Dhirendra Premarshi, Dinesh Yadav, Rupa Jha, Sneha Jha, and lawmakers Krishna Kumar Shrestha and Manish Jha, who shared their insights on the original and translated works.

During the event, translator Bibha Vimarsh shared her reflections and emotions as a translator in a conversation with poet Vikas Vastanabh.

The original Maithili poetry collection, comprising 49 poems on various themes, was initially published in 2023. Translator Bibha Vimarsh undertook the arduous task of translating all the poems within a span of four months, immediately following his high school exams.

In his translator’s note, Vimarsh humbly expressed, “As a blacksmith offers to his wife, nothing but a metal ring, I offer to my mother and my mother tongue the most I can, this translation.”


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