Asian Life Insurance Company Limited to Hold 16th AGM in Simara on March 1st

Asian Life Insurance Company Limited (ALICL) has officially announced its 16th Annual General Meeting (AGM), set to take place on March 1st at 11:30 am. The event will be hosted at Hotel Classic Simara, Bara.

The agenda for the meeting includes crucial matters such as the proposal to distribute a 7.75 percent stock dividend and a 0.4078 percent cash dividend to the company’s shareholders. Furthermore, shareholders will deliberate on a proposal for issuing a 42 percent right share, which aims to increase the issued and paid-up capital.

During the AGM, adjustments to the Board of Directors (BOD) structure will be discussed, necessitated by changes in the share structure. The BOD will also seek authorization to amend the articles and memorandum of association. Additionally, the meeting will involve the election of one director from among ordinary shareholders and the appointment of an auditor.

It’s important to note that ALICL will close its books on February 20th. Shareholders registered in the company’s books as of February 19th will be eligible to participate in the AGM and avail themselves of the announced dividends.

This AGM presents an opportunity for ALICL shareholders to engage in crucial decisions impacting the company’s future trajectory.


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