Bangladeshi Ambassador Visits Home Ministry, Holds Discussion with Minister

Ambassador of Bangladesh to Nepal, Salahuddin Noman Chowdhury, paid a courtesy visit today to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha warmly welcomed Ambassador Chowdhury and emphasized that the agreement on electricity transmission line will mark another significant milestone in the cooperative and developmental relationship between Nepal and Bangladesh. He further acknowledged the ongoing efforts to finalize a trade agreement between the two countries.

Ambassador Chowdhury echoed Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha’s sentiments and expressed his belief that the power transmission line will indeed be a significant step forward in enhancing bilateral relations. He highlighted the fruitful discussion that took place on this matter and mentioned the active involvement of the trade ministries from both nations in facilitating trade.

During the meeting, Ambassador Chowdhury extended an invitation to Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha to attend an upcoming art exhibition organized by the Bangladeshi Embassy on June 23. He requested the Deputy Prime Minister to grace the event as the chief guest. In response, Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha conveyed his gratitude for the invitation and mentioned that he would confirm his attendance based on his availability.


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