Bharatpur metropolis taking help of indicators in budget allocation

The Bharatpur Metropolis has decided to assess the performance indicators of ward offices for the allocation of budget in the upcoming fiscal year 2081-82 BS (2024-25). This approach aims to encourage wards that perform better, according to officials.

Jagannath Aryal, the chief of the Metropolis economic administration, stated that this is the first time the local government has decided to implement such a provision.

The local government has set a budget ceiling of Rs 820 million for ward-level allocations. Of this amount, 29 wards will receive an equal portion of Rs 25,862,000 each, totaling Rs 750 million. The allocation of the remaining Rs 70 million will be based on performance indicators such as revenue collection, capital expenditures, population, geography, best practices, education level, environmental status, promotion of greenery, and more. The evaluation is based on a 100-point scale.

Ward number 2 secured the top position in the evaluation, receiving an additional Rs 29,002,000 from the Metropolis, while ward number 1 follows with Rs 28,951,000, and ward number 20 with Rs 28,945,000.

The lowest allocation of Rs 27,428,000 is designated for ward number 24.

Manoj Ranabhat, the chairperson of Ward 2, mentioned that the ward’s revenue collection in the current fiscal year exceeded Rs 20 million, double that of the previous year. Additionally, measures such as prohibiting the sale and consumption of tobacco products within a 100-meter radius of schools, updating online household data, installing smart lights, establishing a night market, and promoting green campaigns have been implemented. Efforts toward environmental friendliness and sanitation have also been intensified.

Mayor Renu Dahal expressed that this new practice in budget allocation is expected to foster healthy competition among wards and serve the best interests of citizens.


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