Binod Chaudhary Slams Government, Calls Brother’s Arrest a ‘Conspiracy'”

Nepal’s only billionaire and federal parliament member from the Nepali Congress, Binod Chaudhary, has leveled serious allegations against the government, claiming vindictive behavior in the wake of his brother Arun Chaudhary’s recent arrest. The Chairman and Managing Director of CG Holdings, Arun Chaudhary, along with two others, were apprehended by the Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police on Thursday in connection with the Bansbari Leather and Shoe Factory land scam.

Expressing his dissatisfaction during the Nepali Congress party’s parliamentary meeting on Friday, MP Binod Chaudhary asserted that his brother had become a victim of a conspiracy. Chaudhary shared information about Arun openly acquiring shares in a competition held in 1986.

Accusing the Maoist Center Chairman, Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda,’ and his government of employing terror tactics against industrialists and resorting to blackmail, Chaudhary stated his concerns over the government’s handling of the arrest. He argued that the arrest of an industrialist-businessman was carried out in a humiliating manner, which he believes will send shockwaves through the community of industrialists and businessmen.

Chaudhary emphasized that such actions by the government could have adverse effects on the upcoming investment summit, potentially discouraging the entire community of investors. The billionaire MP urged for a fair and unbiased investigation into the allegations against his brother, maintaining that justice should prevail without any political interference.


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