Birgunj Metropolitan City unveils budget of Rs 3.21 billion for FY 2023-24

 Birgunj Metropolitan City, the only metropolis in Madhes Province, has unveiled an estimated budget of Rs 3 billion 213 million for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2023/24.

Metropolis Deputy Mayor Imtiaj Alam presented the estimates of income and expenditure (budget) of Rs 3 billion 213 million and 544 thousand for the fiscal year 2023/24 in the 13th Town Assembly organized in Birgunj on Wednesday.

The main slogan of the budget is – ‘Industrial and Business City- Decent and Civilized Our Birgunj Metropolis’.
Addressing the Town Assembly, Deputy Mayor Alam said that 77 per cent of the total budget has been allocated for current expenditure, 22 per cent for capital expenditure and one per cent towards financial management.

According to the Deputy Mayor, Rs 2 billion 488 million 500 thousand has been apportioned towards current expenditure, Rs 688 million and 715 thousand towards capital expenditure and Rs 36 million and 324 thousand towards financial management for the upcoming fiscal year.

Similarly, he said Rs 1 billion 204 million and 430 thousand would be mobilized from internal income, Rs 1 billion 332 million and 100 thousand from the fiscal transfer of the Government of Nepal, Rs 252 million and 470 thousand from federal revenue allocation, Rs 54 million and 595 thousand from fiscal transfer from the provincial revenue and Rs 28 million and 700 thousand from provincial revenue sharing.


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