Business Community Urges Government for Passage Facilitation at China Border

The Federation of Nepal National Business has raised urgent concerns regarding the challenges faced by Nepali businessmen at the Kerung and Tatopani border crossings, urging the government to intervene and facilitate smoother trade relations with China.

In a memorandum submitted to Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayankaji Shrestha on Tuesday, the federation highlighted the pressing need for temporary passes for businessmen at these crucial border points. Currently, stringent restrictions limit access only to businessmen from specific districts, leading to significant disruptions in trade activities.

Kumar Karki, President of the federation, emphasized the detrimental impact on Nepali businesses, with goods worth billions of rupees stranded at the border due to the inability of businessmen to personally cross into China. He underscored the urgency of creating a conducive environment for seamless business operations, urging the government to address the monopoly that hampers cross-border trade.

Federation Vice President Lakshmi Khadka echoed these concerns, emphasizing the plight of businessmen from across 75 districts who face challenges in importing goods from China to Kathmandu. Khadka emphasized the necessity of granting temporary passes to all businessmen to facilitate trade and investment activities.

Hari Gautam, President of the Nepal Business Association, emphasized the need for immediate action to implement the transit agreement signed with China in 2016. He highlighted the unfair restrictions that only allow businessmen from specific districts to access the border crossings, calling for the issuance of temporary passes to facilitate cross-border trade.

Furthermore, businessmen have urged the government to streamline customs procedures at the Chinese border and expedite the operationalization of the dry port at Rasuwa naka. These measures, they argue, are essential for promoting smoother trade relations and unlocking the full potential of bilateral economic cooperation between Nepal and China.

With assurances from the Home Minister to prioritize their demands, the Nepali business community remains hopeful that the government will take swift action to address their concerns and facilitate a conducive environment for cross-border trade.


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