Business registration and renew sluggish

Business registration and renewal has not improved in Lalbandi municipality of Sarlahi.

Though the municipality has adopted tough measures to check the operation of business without registration, the trend of business registration and renewal has remained sluggish in the municipality area, informed chief administrative officer Taranath Luitel.

He said the rise in the registration and renewal of business in the municipality would help increase revenue of the nation.

Till this date since the fiscal year 2073/74 BS, a total of 2002 businesses were registered and renewed. According to the municipality data, number of registered and renewed business as of May 1 in the current fiscal year was 102.

Though the municipality was effortful to increase the registration and renewal of business, it has not turned to be exciting, the municipality officials said.

Chief of Municipality’s Revenue Section, Bhola Prasad Bhattarai said the municipality has placed business registration and renewal in priority to increase inland revenues. He shared the municipality has collected revenue amounting to Rs 1.7 million up to May 1 in the current fiscal year.


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