Call for Repatriation of Nepali Recruits in Russian Army

Concerns are mounting as the families of Nepali recruits in the Russian Army have issued a collective plea, urging the government to initiate diplomatic efforts for the safe return of their loved ones. In a press conference convened on Friday, family members came together to voice their anxieties and seek the immediate intervention of the authorities.

Tina Ghimire, speaking on behalf of her family, implored the government to create a secure environment for the return of her husband, Padam Ghimire. The retired Nepali Army personnel, originally from Udayapur, has reportedly been out of contact for several months. The Ghimire family revealed that Padam invested approximately Rs 900,000 to join the Russian Army.

Sumi Chamling from Ilam expressed distress over the disappearance of her brother, Rajkumar Mukhiya, who joined the Russian Army. She also highlighted the cases of Bikram Bhujel and Rajendra Tamang from her village, who are currently uncontactable after joining the Russian army.

Chandni Bista of Bhaktapur shared her concerns about her husband Bibhajan, brother-in-law Nirajan, and grandson Lokendra, who are in contact but are still overseas. She urged the government to facilitate their return to the country.

Adding to the urgency, Suman Rai, a returnee after serving in the Russian Army, emphasized the need for the government’s attention to rescue and repatriate Nepali nationals who are currently enlisted in the Russian army. The families’ emotional appeal underscores the gravity of the situation, calling for immediate action to ensure the safety and return of these individuals. The government is now under pressure to address the concerns raised and take steps to bring back Nepali citizens serving in the Russian Army.


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