CECC Report Exposes China’s Ongoing Human Rights Violations in Tibet

The latest annual report from the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) has exposed China’s flagrant disregard for international human rights standards in Tibet. The report unveils a systematic campaign by Beijing to suppress religious freedom, linguistic rights, and political dissent among Tibetans.

Among the egregious violations highlighted in the report is China’s relentless persecution of Tibetans for expressing their religious beliefs, criticizing Chinese policies, and sharing information online. The CECC report documents numerous cases of individuals being arbitrarily detained, including writers and activists such as Rongbo Gangkar and Jamyang, whose only “crime” was advocating for basic rights and cultural preservation.

Furthermore, China’s coercive measures to undermine Tibetan language and culture are condemned, with the report shedding light on the establishment of residential boarding schools that forcibly separate Tibetan children from their families. This deliberate erasure of Tibetan identity constitutes a grave violation of linguistic rights and cultural heritage.

The report issues a series of recommendations to address the ongoing crisis in Tibet, urging concerted action from Congress and the Biden administration. These recommendations include diplomatic efforts to facilitate visits by U.N. human rights officials to Tibet, the prohibition of American companies from aiding Chinese law enforcement agencies engaged in human rights abuses, and the mobilization of international pressure to demand the release of Tibetan political prisoners, including the 11th Panchen Lama who has been missing since his abduction by Chinese authorities in 1995.

Read the entire CECC 2023 Annual Report:


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