Central and Western Tarai likely to experience excessive heat for three days

Excessive heat has been forecast for the next three days in the central and western Tarai regions. The Meteorological Forecasting Division under the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has said temperatures in some parts of the southern plains of Sudurpaschim and Lumbini provinces have soared to 40 degrees Celsius or above in recent days.

In its special bulletin today, the Division forecasts the occurrence of a heat wave for the next three days beginning today. It has urged one and all to take precautions against the adverse weather conditions. Fatigue, weakness, increased thrust, headache, muscle camp, dizziness, muscle pain, vomiting, and even unconsciousness are the consequences of the heat wave.

The Division has prescribed staying indoors in cool areas, wearing lightweight cotton clothing, avoiding direct sun exposure, wearing


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