Chinese envoy’s comments contrary to diplomatic norms and dignity: Minister Yadav

Minister for Water Supply, Mahindra Raya Yadav, has strongly criticized the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, Chen Song, for his remarks on Nepal-India relations. Minister Yadav expressed his concerns, stating that Ambassador Song’s comments are contrary to diplomatic norms and dignity.

Ambassador Song had earlier commented on the multifaceted relationship between Nepal and India, highlighting the existence of diplomatic, social, economic, cultural, and linguistic ties. He cautioned against raising bilateral issues in a manner that might harm these relations.

Moreover, Ambassador Song pointed out Nepal’s trade deficit with India, particularly in the electricity sector, and urged Nepal to explore business opportunities with China. He also criticized India’s policies towards its neighbors, including Nepal, suggesting they were not conducive to Nepal’s interests.

The Chinese envoy’s comments painted India as an impediment to Nepal’s development and included suggestions on how Nepal should manage its economy, establish an “equal social structure,” and accept China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as a beneficial gift.

Furthermore, Ambassador Song drew attention to Nepal’s extensive imports of agricultural and industrial products from India, emphasizing the need for Nepal to prioritize its agricultural sector and strengthen its industrial base.

Minister Yadav, who is also the Chairman of Nepal Samajwadi Party, defended Nepal’s right to make independent business decisions and expressed dissatisfaction with China’s recently released map that claims Nepalese territory as part of Chinese territory.

He asserted that China’s refusal to recognize Nepal’s constitution, which acknowledges Nepal’s sovereignty, is an affront to the nation’s independence. Minister Yadav stated that issues such as territorial maps would be addressed during Prime Minister Prachanda’s forthcoming visit to China. He emphasized Nepal’s desire for equal and friendly relations with its neighboring countries.


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